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Mini Programs are Coming to Your Desktop

Say goodbye to the “view on your mobile” notification thanks to WeChat version 2.7.0 for Windows, currently in beta. It’s finally possible to access Mini Programs right from your desktop. Users can now open, interact with, and even minimize multiple Mini Programs at the same time.
By clicking on a Mini Program shared on WeChat, a new window will be open, where the Mini Programs will be accessible. Not only the interface is consistent with the mobile phone end, but also the operations that the user can perform on the mobile phone side can be basically implemented on the PC side.
In terms of the sharing function, the WeChat PC Mini Program supports the direct sharing of the page, the generation of a shareable poster and there commendation of the main page of Mini Program.
Users will also be able to chat with their contacts on the main WeChat desktop even with multiple Mini Program windows open. For brands, this means that they will be able to better reach white collar workers and other segments that do not always have the chance to use Mini Programs on their phones while at work.Expect a raise in the average time spent daily on Mini Programs across categories such as eCommerce, tools, and mini games.
For this new capability being tested, WeChat said that, "We hope that through this exploration, we will help users to use Mini Programs more consistently in chat scenes. Its capabilities will be continuously optimized during the testing phase."
The emergence of WeChat PC Mini Program, its greatest meaning is to expand the scene boundary of Mini Programs, and then to provide more convenient services for users' job, study, life and other scenarios. With rapid development, there will be more and more users of Mini Program in every field.
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