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TikTok is a growing platform for fashion and beauty marketers

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing digital platforms, with more than 100 million monthly users inthe US alone. The short-form video app is a growing platform for fashion and beauty marketers and has become an essential marketing channel due to its high creator engagement rates and creative edge for brand story telling. Brand and product awareness in general is high across the digital platform, with hashtags like #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt, where users post about the cool products,they discovered on TikTok, which has generated more than 1B views according toTikTok.
For fashion and beauty brands, the best way to understand the true impacts of their marketing strategies is to properly measure all efforts on and offline, and TikTok is no exception to this. The average TikTok user in the UK will spend around an hour per day on the app, with a record number of 315 million people signingup to the platform during the first quarter of 2020, according to Elle. Beauty commerce has been boosted on TikTok with 52% of users saying they discover new beauty products on the digital platform. So for brands to best adapt their strategies, they need to measure and understand consumer engagement and their overall impact.
Many questions have been raised on how to check analytics on TikTok and where to find follower counts and stats. On the TikTok platform, analytics are organized into three main categories: 


Overview is where you can see your brand’s follower growth as well as video and profile views over a range oftime periods such as a week, 28 or 60 days. Within Overview, you can also explore the engagement section that allows you to evaluate your video performance based on likes, comments, and shares.


For more insight into your brand’s TikTok account, review the content tab for a deeper look at your data and analytics for each video postedon the app. This tab is where you can find the total views, total likes, average watch time, percentage of viewers who watched your full video, the traffic source type e.g. directly via the profile or in the “For You” feed andthe audience territories. However, these metrics are only available for sevendays after posting.


Another metric to explore is the followers tab that highlights insights about the TikTok community. It highlights the geographical location of your audience, the changes in follower growth, and the times of day or week when followers are the most active on TikTok. This can be viewed between aseven to 28 day period.
TikTok analytics allows you to take a closer look into some metrics such as follower growth, profile and views and overall likes. This helps your brand analyze their owned media, but how can you discover who is talking about your brand on TikTok and how your brand measures and benchmarks globally against other digital and social channels?
In the next article, we will talk about how to measure TikTok marketing efforts.

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