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New Solution for China SEM: Toutiao Search Engine Advertising

Since the official launch of the Toutiao app in 2012, Chinese netizens were introduced to native ads. By leveraging the personalized algorithms on Toutiao, native ads are designed to display to high potential users only.
As Chinese netizens encounter native ads in their personal lives but also at work, the Chinese search industry has thus entered a new era of searching. Leading this new era is Toutiao, used by over 700 million Chinese users.

Advantages of Toutiao’s search engine advertising

1. Combining the advantages of traditional search engine ads and native ads makes the final ad more attractive
Under the new era of searching, Toutiao’s searching promotion includes both the original function of keyword searching and the algorithm of native ad promotion, providing attractive advertising content to target customers.
When users actively search for topics or keywords of their interest, the system will automatically match the user with the appropriate advertisements, based on their search terms, reading history, and interest. Consider displaying your ad with only suitable and attractive content to increase the impression rate. Users’ interest can also be awakened when they read similar information.    
2. Bringing new traffic volume to your brand, as Toutiao has many users
Toutiao has accumulated many user labels by analyzing each user’s app behavior. For example, the Toutiao labels include the demographic of users (age, gender, region, etc.) or preference of information type. By combining users’ search intention and user data, Toutiao can appeal to potential customers through personalized recommended content, and repeatedly display brand advertisements.  
3. Toutiao’s leading and precise marketing skills in China
Toutiao has accumulated many user labels by analyzing each user’s app behavior. For example, the demographic of the users (age, gender, region, etc.) or preference of information type. Combining the users’ search intention and the user data, potential customers can be captured through personalized recommended content, and brand advertisements can be displayed repeatedly.    
4. Flexible for advertisers: Toutiao has three kinds of deduction modes  
Toutiao search ads support three deduction modes: CPC, OCPM, and OCPC. Each mode has its advantages; OCPM and OCPC can automatically adjust keyword bids based on target conversion cost, avoiding the trouble of frequent price adjustments. The CPC can bid on each keyword with a higher degree of freedom in operation. Advertisers can choose according to the actual situation which deduction mode to use.
How to carry out Toutiao search promotion? Come to talk with us!

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