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COVID-19 Recover Insights from China Market

While COVID-19 is a global crisis effecting humanitarian, health and economic, this is also a time to think about opportunity. Some industries in this crisis have been declining while some are even seeing growth.
China as the epicenter of the outbreak, now is recovering firstly and fast. So, what brands can learn from the China Market? Here we have some recover insights.
1.     Education, Learning & Wellness Brands Pivot Content
Following the cancellation of IELTS and TOEFL exams in China in February and March, language learning app Duolingo responded with a campaign to share their DET online English exam as an alternative. Yoga and active wear brand Lulu lemon and gym brand Supermonkey also launched video live streaming yoga and gym classes suitable for audience participation from home.
2.     Offline Retail goes Online
With customers predominantly at home, online shopping becomes a pastime, even though logistics and delivery services were yet to resume full operations. Wanda Mall communicated online sales through a dedicated WeChat mini program. Many brands
live-streamed on Douyin to share their message.
3.     Contactless Delivery: Highly Sought-After New Service Offerings
Demand for home delivery of food, groceries and supplies surged. Brands responded by creating new “contact less delivery models(無接觸配送)” to allow for social distancing and reduce the risk spread. Brands like Hey Tea and Meitun launched online advertising campaigns promoting these new services across social media.Starbucks launched a new “Starbucks Delivers” program in response to demand.
4.     E-Commerce, Social Media, Video &Gaming Apps Boom
Since many Chinese stay at home and are looking for entertainment, work from home or education tools, they turned to OTT, gaming apps and video platforms in larger numbers. Consumers engaged with e-commerce apps such as Taobao and JD.
The economy is slowing down. Travel is restricted. Events are cancelled. People are confined at home. However, they are actively looking for online entertainment and learning to keep them occupied.
As a result, brands should adapt business model and operations, considering more like live streaming, community messaging groups, online events and experiential online activations.

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Source: Sinclair

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