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Chinese Top KOL Cherie and Her XUELI Apparel Brand

Cherie, or Xue Li (雪梨) in Chinese, is one of China’s top KOL in China with 13.2 million followers on Weibo. She first stepped into the spotlight over 10 years ago as the girlfriend of Wang Sicong. After the breakup she leveraged that fame to launch her own Taobao store Chinstudio back in 2010 and quickly became one of the top fashion stores onTaobao. In 2018, Cherie made the move from being a Taobao seller to a fashion brand by re-branding and re-launching her store as XUELI.
During Double 11 in2020, XUELI achieved over 480 million RMB in sales. In 2020, the brand’s numberof customers broke 27 million and it did a total of 2.3 billion RMB in sales.The XUELI Tmall store has almost 9 million followers. In 2019, with the riseof Taobao livestreaming, Cherie also launched her career as a livestreamer, selling products for other brands as well as those from her own brands. She is now also one of Tmall’s top live streamers alongside Viya and Austin Li.
By looking at XUELI’s development, we canlearn why can Cherie grow her apparel business?

1. Capture& respond to consumers’ needs

Early on, Cherie noticed the trend that fashion brands are no longer the dictator, and they will need to value consumers’ opinions in order to survive. The main thing she has been doing for XUELI is to make the brand an accessible one by handing over some of the decision-making power to its customers. From Renren, Mogujie (蘑菇街), MeiliShuo (美丽说) to Weibo and to livestream, she’s always stepped into the newest platforms where consumers are gathering in order to connect with them.

2. Offering Styling advice

Cherie noticed that Chinese consumers want suggestions for entire outfits instead of brands’ presenting individual clothes. Once she noticed this need, Cherie stared having XUELI present its products as a whole outfit. XUELI also has its own styliststo help consumers design their looks. This builds loyalty among consumers and increases the repurchase rate of the brand.

3. Activelyworking with IPs

Working with IPs has become a trendy thing among brands in China. It gives freshness to its consumers and has great potential to turn the IP’s fans into the brand’s customers. XUELI is also actively collaborating with IPs. For example, it once worked with Warrior, a Chinese shoe brand that has 94-year history. Within 4 hours, XUELI sold more than 110k pairs, and it achieved over 20 million RMB sales in a week.

4. Develop Mature Supply Chains

Back in 2013 Cherie realized that if XUELI solely relied on what was already available on themarket, her brand couldn’t stand out. First, Chinese consumers are pursuing personalized products instead of one that looks the sameas what other vendors are selling. Second, sourcing goods from apparel vendors makes it hard to control price and quality. Lastly, sourcing pre-designed apparel from vendors doesn’t leave room for creativity.
Since then, Cherie has been devoted to building and improving her supply chains. Then whenever Cherie’s team decides to launch new collections such as down jackets, jeans orjersey, those vendors react quickly and assemble their resources to accommodate Cherie’s needs.

5. Tapping intothe Guochao Trend

Most recently, XUELI launched a new line called CU focused onapparel that incorporates Chinese design elements, a trend called Guochao. The company teamed up with 11 artists, illustrators, and independent designers to create the first set of designs. Guochao clothing has become very popular among young Chinese consumers over the past several years and so far XUELI’s CU line has been well received.



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