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China unblocks internet links to and from competing platforms: A big change for China marketing

China has recently implemented rules and regulations for online tech giants like Alibaba and Tencent that prevent them from blocking each other’s links. The end of link blockage is causing a new cyber renaissance for advertising and marketing agencies focusing on China and its 989 million internet users.
In the recent past, the tech giants restricted users from sharing content from competitors. Tencent, for example, restricted users from sharing content from Douyin on WeChat and QQ. Therefore, companies who want to do China marketing would have to create content for each platform. But now, we can link the different Chinese media platforms. For example, you can have a WeChat post with a link to Weibo, a Weibo post linked to Douyin, and soon.
To truly understand the new possibilities, you must take into consideration these factors:
1. When external platform links were permitted, there were strict rules about how and where ads were placed. Advertisers had to focus more on ad formats instead of ad content. But now power has been given back to advertisers. We can finally focus on ad strategy, content as well as with execution.
2. Consumer experience China’s consumer journey overnight has turned from three or four separate consumer journeys to one. Consumers often had to visit multiple platforms to receive, obtain or access different promotions to make a purchase. The new regulations provide users with flexibility and the native experience that they want. Also it also helps gain brands more revenue and impacts brand credibility.
3. Analyse the data Global marketers, as well as those in APAC and China, will now be able to look at the data where consumers convert, transact, and engage the best and choose to spend their money on the best platform that helps them achieve their objectives. But analys ingthis data effectively requires a solid cross-linkage strategy. Processes like these will be used for the first time when marketing to the Chinese market.
This newfound freedom allows advertisers to create and implement marketing strategies focused on their objectives for success. It also requires us to shift our thought process. Although, advertisers’ strategies will have to continue to keep the Chinese people, culture and trendsin mind, they also have to include strong link strategies.


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